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Current Bus Status
Last Updated: Aug 13, 2022 at 08:09 AM

All transportation is running. There may be some delays.

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  • Parent Portal

    Check your child's transportation information like their bus stop location and times here.

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  • School Bus Safety

    Parents/guardians share a role in reinforcing school bus safety. Please take the time to review school bus safety procedures with your child several times throughout the school year.

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  • Walk and Roll Zone

    Offering helpful resources for a safe walk to school including pedestrian safety tips, walking route maps and more.

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  • Can I Ride a Bus?

    Check to see if your address is eligible for motorized transportation.

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Starting the School Year on the Right Foot!

With three weeks left of summer, it is a great time to dust off your sneakers and get ready to start the school year on the right foot. September is a beautiful time of year for walking, scooting, and cycling, and it’s also when families establish their routines for the

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Virtual School Bus and Pedestrian Safety Day

The School Bus and Pedestrian Safety Day will be a virtual experience, once again, this year! Parents, guardians and students will still be able to prepare for their bus ride to school by visiting OSTA’s safety webpage for online safety videos and materials! There are also online resources for students who walk to school on OSTA’s pedestrian safety webpage.

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New Amber Warning Lights on School Buses

Effective July 1, 2022, school buses will be equipped with updated overhead amber signal lights on the back and front. Flashing overhead amber lights means that the bus is slowing down and is coming to a stop to pick up or drop off students. When you see a school bus

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School Bus Task Force Launches Drive Yellow Campaign to Recruit Drivers

Ottawa – OSTA and a core group of operators have joined forces to work on solutions to address the school bus driver shortage and prepare for the upcoming school year. This spring, OSTA and operators Roxborough, Voyago, M.L. Bradley, First Student and Premier formed a Driver Recruitment Task Force to

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OCDSB Summer School Transportation

For information about OCDSB Summer School Transportation, please find your school below and click the link to access the schedule. OCDSB Elementary Summer School transportation will start on July 7th, 2022.

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OSTA Parent Web Portal Closed

OSTA’s Parent Web Portal (Bus Stop Finder) will be closed from the end of June until mid-August. Please check our website and social media pages regularly for important transportation announcements, deadlines and other vital information. The portal will reopen in mid-August with next year’s transportation information.

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OSTA's 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

The OSTA 2021-2023 Strategic Plan has recently been approved by our Board of Directors. Find out how we’re moving forward as an Organization by delivering safe, efficient, effective and equitable multi-modal transportation solutions for students with superior customer service for OCDSB and OCSB. About OSTA The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority

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Park the Car and Pitter Patter!

With warmer weather on the horizon and gas prices skyrocketing, it’s a great time to start leaving your car behind and lacing up your sneakers instead. We’re not suggesting that you park your car forever, but to consider some occasions when you could use active transportation instead of driving. Every

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NEW: Transportation Confirmation for 2022-2023

Are you planning on using student transportation in 2022-2023? To make better use of transportation services, OSTA is asking all parents and guardians of OCDSB and OCSB eligible students to confirm their intentions for transportation services for 2022-2023.
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Take the wheel, drive yellow today!

Make a difference in your life. And theirs!

Man and Woman Bus Driver standing in front of buses along with happy children

Being a school bus driver is satisfying part-time employment that fits your work-life balance.

  • Positive impact on your community!
  • Part-time work!
  • Weekends and summers off!

If you love being around children and want a fulfilling career, answer the call – take the first step to becoming a school bus or van driver!

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School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety Tips  – Check out our brochures and videos for Kindergarten students all the way up to Junior elementary students. We encourage parents to review these rules with their children before school starts!

Bus Safety Videos

Spread Kindness, Not Germs

All the School Bus Rules

Kindergarten – School Bus Safety with Buzzy the Bee

Grade 1-3 – School Bus Safety with Buster the Bus

Grade 4-8 – School Bus Safety for Junior Students

More about School Bus Safety

Walking School Bus & Hybrid Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus and Hybrid Walking School Bus are designed to promote active transportation and healthy living. Led by a paid leader or a combination of a paid leader and volunteers from the school community, students walk with a group of their peers along a specific route and schedule. All leaders are trained and vetted by the Ottawa Safety Council to make sure your child has a safe and educational walk to school.


More about the Hybrid Walking School Bus