Short-term cancellations and delays
Day to day short-term cancellations are posted to our delay and notification page and subscribers are notified via email as they happen.

Long term cancellations
Any cancellations lasting longer than a few days are posted to the long-term OCDSB and OCSB cancellation lists.

Current Bus Status
Last Updated: Dec 01, 2021 at 10:35 PM

All transportation is running. There may be some delays.

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Unlimited no-charge transit in December - OC Transpo

From December 1st to December 31st, OC Transpo is offering unlimited no-charge transit to everyone riding O-Train, OC Transpo buses and Para Transpo. No special tickets are needed and will not be asked for fare or to tap your card. If you pay for your own PRESTO card to school,

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Transportation Update - November 22, 2021

OSTA is pleased to provide a transportation update on its system.

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Remembrance Day

On this Remembrance Day, we thank all those who have served and continue to serve our country. Who do you remember this Remembrance Day? Share your stories with OSTA on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. #LestWeForget

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OSTA Annual Student Transportation Survey

Please complete OSTA’s annual online transportation survey. We’d like to better understand how your child(ren) have been getting to school this year and what traffic impacts you have observed around your school site...

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Meet Hop! The App That Makes Walking to School Fun

Hop! is a bilingual progressive web-app that helps make the walk to school more fun through interactive features. App users can track kilometres travelled, while being motivated by engaging illustrations, group challenges, and milestones...

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Transportation Update – School Start-Up 2021-2022

Like last year, OSTA has faced many challenges due to COVID and the ongoing driver shortage. Staff continue to work on solutions and communicate changes to affected parties promptly. Despite the severe driver shortage, OSTA provided regular and alternate transportation services for 95% of eligible students...

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Changes regarding student masking to take effect Tuesday, September 7

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority will be implementing the OCDSB and OCSB’s recent directive regarding student masking as of Tuesday, September 7, 2021. All students from grades Kindergarten to 12 will be required to wear a face mask (cloth or medical), on all vehicles, including school buses, vans and wheelchair buses...

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Route Cancellations for OCDSB (Public) Schools 2021

There have been multiple changes and cancellations to transportation services for OCDSB and OCSB students due to severe driver shortages. OSTA continues to work with its operators and OC Transpo to find creative solutions to provide service to as many students as possible during these unprecedented circumstances. Read more...

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School Bus Driver Recruitment

Are you patient, trustworthy and like children?!

Local Operators are currently searching for new drivers who are looking for part-time work that includes morning and afternoon routes, as well as charter and field trip opportunities.

Stay-at-home parents, bring your little ones to work with you!

Retirees, get out of the house!

New to the Ottawa workforce? Build skills and experience.

Man and Woman Bus Driver standing in front of buses along with happy children


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Transportation During COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, Consortia across the province are working with their Member School Boards, their local Public Health Unit, their Operators and the Ministry of Education to mitigate health risks associated with COVID-19 on transportation vehicles.  OSTA’s priority is creating an environment where students can feel safe and limit the transmission of the virus to the extent possible.

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School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety Tips  – Check out our brochures and videos for Kindergarten students all the way up to Junior elementary students. We encourage parents to review these rules with their children before school starts!

Bus Safety Videos

Spread Kindness, Not Germs

All the School Bus Rules

Kindergarten – School Bus Safety with Buzzy the Bee

Grade 1-3 – School Bus Safety with Buster the Bus

Grade 4-8 – School Bus Safety for Junior Students

Covid-19 Safety Video – Closed Captioning

More about School Bus Safety

Walking School Bus & Hybrid Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus and Hybrid Walking School Bus are designed to promote active transportation and healthy living. Led by a paid leader or a combination of a paid leader and volunteers from the school community, students walk with a group of their peers along a specific route and schedule. All leaders are trained and vetted by the Ottawa Safety Council to make sure your child has a safe and educational walk to school.

More about Hybrid Walking School Bus

More about Walking School Bus

NEW Walk-a-Block and Walk&Roll Meetup Maps

Did you know that walking all or part way to school helps create safer school zones by reducing vehicle congestion?

To help support safer school zones and make everyone’s trip to and from school a success, OSTA has created multiple resources and tools, like walking route maps, for parents and children to download and use. Three different types of walking route maps have been created to help you plot your trip to school; whether you plan to walk all or part way to school, each map was designed with safety in mind!

More about Walking Route Maps