Our History and Mission

Recent transportation reforms introduced by the Ontario Ministry of Education in 2006-2007 required school boards across the province of Ontario to develop partnerships that involved combining transportation departments of local school boards into a fully integrated transportation organization. The objective of these reforms has been to move towards the cooperative delivery of safe, effective, and efficient student transportation for school boards that share common, coterminous geographical areas, such as those that exist with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) and the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB).

January 2007: In an effort to meet the Ministry of Education’s requirements, the OCDSB and the OCSB established a joint steering committee for the purpose of creating a transportation consortium.

February 2007: The joint steering committee established an operating agreement, by-laws, and terms of reference, and had also submitted a Transportation Consortium Plan to the Ministry of Education, which received approval. A new name; the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA), was selected and approved by both Boards.

July 2007: The transportation departments of both Boards moved into a common office location at the Confederation Education Centre at 1645 Woodroffe Ave.

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority continues to work towards meeting the Ministry of Education’s transportation reform requirements. This work includes developing a comprehensive Human Resource Plan, an Information Technology solution for the consortium, as well as transportation policy review and harmonization for the member Boards. The mandate/mission of the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority is to manage and deliver student transportation services effectively and efficiently for the more than 60,000 students of the Ottawa Catholic and Ottawa-Carleton District School Boards receiving transportation services each day. Parents and school communities can be assured that we will continue to communicate on an ongoing basis as the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority continues to develop as the largest transportation consortium in the province.