Toolkit for Educators (old)

Walking to school is a wonderful way for students (and sometimes their parents!) to get physical activity every day. Students who have expended some energy, and breathed in some early morning fresh air, are more ready to learn. By reducing vehicle traffic around schools, it is safer for children and improves air quality for all.

What can a school do to increase the number of students choosing active transportation? Make it fun! Show the school community that your school encourages walking! You can do that by having a few dedicated days each year when the school comes together and celebrates active transportation with a Walk to School Day event. Sometimes known as an “I Walk” event, a Walk to School Day event is a fun and easy way for families to try active transportation for the first time, and to celebrate those already walking and wheeling every day.

In order to help you plan your first event, or make an existing event even better, the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA), in collaboration with EnviroCentre, has prepared this toolkit. It is free to use and full of ideas, planning tips and tools.

What is in the toolkit?Students standing in front of a school

  • Detailed guidelines on best practices, which will shrink planning time and make it easier to hold a quality and impactful event.
  • An editable workbook that you can populate for your school, which will generate a customized event plan that meets your school community’s needs and culture.
  • Customizable templates to help with planning and promotion.
  • Fun activities to incorporate into the classroom and help kids learn about the benefits of active transportation.
  • Data collection tips and tools.

TIP: A Walk To School event can help achieve broader
school priorities such as environmental sustainability or
student health and wellbeing. Use this event to fulfill a
requirement for EcoSchools, a Board Strategic Objective or
curriculum requirements.


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This toolkit was developed by the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, in collaboration with EnviroCentre.

We would like to acknowledge the support and contribution of the following partners and community members:

  • The City of Ottawa
  • Transportation Planning Department
  • Ottawa Public Health
  • Ottawa Catholic School Board
  • Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  • Green Communities Canada
  • Ontario Active School Travel