Appendices – Descriptions of additional resources and links:


To reduce planning time and support you in planning a successful event, we have prepared supplementary resources.  Below you will find descriptions of the additional activities and resources found on the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority’s (OSTA) website.  This information is easy to use, copy, paste, modify, and make your own.

Here is the list and hyperlinks to the additional resources:

Communications Tools:

We’ve created multiple attention-grabbing social media messages that you can customize.  You can find the HERE.  Simply copy and paste the content, and customize with your school and event details.

Classroom Activities:

Connect active transportation to classroom learning!  There are so many curriculum-based teaching lessons out there that engage students before, during and after the event.

We have selected three examples for you. They are described below.  Simply follow the link for a printable version, that’s easy to use.

Activity 1:  Graphing Active Transportation in our classroom (Download Link)

Description:  In this activity, small groups of students will work with two sets of data to create double bar graphs and present graphs to the class. Students will study trends and compare data between grades and with the entire school.

Activity 2:  Road Safety Bingo (Download Link)

Description: Students will learn to identify common traffic signs found in their community and reinforce their understanding through a game of Active Traffic Sign Bingo!

Activity 3:  Walking your way to safety. (Download Link)

Description: Students will learn and practice pedestrian safety rules through in-class discussions and a supervised group walk through their neighbourhood.

Other tools:

Here is a list of all of the other tools located on the OSAT website here (insert link):

Certificate of Participation

Editable Walk to School Event Poster

Invitations for stakeholders

How to create a Walk a Block Map and template

Data collection forms