Communication Plan

Communication is one of the most important aspects to making your Walk to School Day event a successful, safe event, with maximum participation from students and parents alike.

Have a person assigned to communications

If you have a team member who is experienced with social media and promoting events hopefully they can help with this important task. If not, no worries! This toolkit provides a timeline for different types of messaging and sample text to promote the event and engage partners and the school community. Someone should be specifically assigned to the communications role, including on the day of the event.

MITIGATE RISK: It’s important that the designated
communications person is aware of any sensitive
issues, like student media releases.

TIP: Start promoting your event early and
repeatedly so the message stays top of mind.

TOOL: We’ve created multiple attention-grabbing
social media messages that you can customize

Person on a megaphone

Promoting your Event

Each school has dedicated channels for reaching their community.
They include:

  • SYNERVOICE – A pre-recorded short message delivered to parents by phone
  • E-mail Blasts – E-mail notifications delivered to parents who have provided their e-mail address to the school.
  • Newsletters – Usually a monthly electronic communication, or a printed one depending on the school community.
  • Website – Including a school calendar and important messages.
  • Facebook – Posting information and pictures to the school’s online community.
  • Twitter – Posting messages to the school’s online community that links other organizations and themes.
  • Instagram – A fun way to post pictures for the school’s online community.
  • Parent Council – Parents reaching out to parents.
  • Student Council – Students reaching out to students.
  • Posters – Special messages up in hallways or in classrooms.
  • Flyers – Customized promotional materials about the event.
  • Word of mouth – The “real” social medium, before there was social media!

MITIGATE RISK: Letting parents/guardians and
students know what to expect, and where to go
ahead of time, will help them navigate their way
to school. We want everyone to have a safe and
enjoyable walk to school so they’ll try it again on
their own.
Communicate, communicate, communicate!

TIP: Pick a theme based on what matters most to
your school community; Does your school focus
more on academic success? Does your school
have environmental goals?

TOOL: Choose from one of the many pre-written
social media messages based on what your
school’s goal or vision is (link)


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