Create a Site Plan

Most Walk to School Day events take place on the school site, with some consideration for a two-block radius around the school. A site plan allows you to identify key areas for the event, and important safety considerations.

Every school site is different, but most typically, you need to think about:Students crossing the street with a crossing guard

  • Main access points leading from the community onto school property
  • Bus and school purpose van drop off zones
  • Parent vehicle drop off zones
  • Staff parking
  • Pedestrian walk-ways
  • Bike/scooter parking, particularly for extra bikes/scooters that day
  • Kindergarten entrance and other yard entrance(s)
  • Traffic and parking for on-site daycare or other organizations sharing your facility
  • Busy intersections, sidewalks, pathways and Crossing Guards
  • Other potential traffic from nearby businesses or other busy places
  • Accessibility for students with special needs
  • Walk-a-Block meeting point (if applicable – see below for further information)
  • Greeter locations
  • Signage locations
  • Activity station locations
  • Location for handing out giveaways, swag, prizes
  • Garbage and recycling bins
  • Access to bathrooms and first aid
  • Welcoming special guests – media, elected officials, mascot, special pictures
  • Volunteer gathering point prior to the event

TOOL: Click here for instructions on how to
use Google Maps and Microsoft Paint to create a
customized site plan. Once completed, the site
plan will be easy to print and share with staff and
volunteers to ensure that everyone knows what is
happening where.

MITIGATE RISK: Changing traffic patterns around
your school, even for just one day, will take
careful planning. Mitigate risk and increase
safety by identifying any areas of concern early
on and planning for ways to address them. Check
out OSTA’s Walk Routes to School maps for your
school’s Walk Zone. It shows Crossing Guard
locations, hazard areas and other safety
elements you can include on your Site Plan.

MITIGATE RISK: Let you Board Facilities
Department know about your event. They can
notify you of any conflicts (like construction)
that might impact your event.


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