Engaging Partners

Community partners can provide support, supplies, promotional opportunities and more. Identify your key partners in the workbook (link) and engage them to strengthen your event.

These partners will usually need to understand:

  • The location, date and time of your event
  • The goal of the event
  • What you want, or need, from them
  • How they will be recognized for their participation

Here are some partners you might consider:

  • Ottawa Public Health School Health Nurses have great resources and they can book their mascot ‘Phyz’, who is always a fun addition to an event. Ask early because Phyz is in high demand!
  • Ottawa Safety Council can let the Crossing Guards and Walking School Bus Leaders in your area know about your event!
  • Local elected officials like your City Councillor and Trustee. They need lots of notice to put the event in their calendars.
  • Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) has giveaways (email request), the Pitter Patter Grant (link) and can send a representative to your event.
  • OSTA actively promotes Walk to School Days online and in its reports to Trustees.
  • EnviroCentre provides School Active Transportation programming throughout the city. If you are lucky enough to have one of their Facilitators working
    with your school, make sure you take advantage of their contacts and expertise.
  • Superintendents are always looking for ways to connect with your school community.
  • Local Commercial Sponsors can provide healthy snacks, swag and prizes for free.
  • Local Religious Organizations can provide space for a Walk-a-Block meeting station or parking, and promote your event.
  • Community Centres can provide space for a Walk-a-Block meeting station or parking, and promote your event.

TIP: Community Partners like to contributePicture of a figure engaging others
money, items or in-kind services to events and
organizations whose goals align with their own.
Finding out what the organization stands for
ahead of time, and showing how your event
supports their ideals, vision or strategy, increases
your chances they will get on board.

TIP: Having Phyz at your event is easy! Your
school health nurse will book the mascot, have it
delivered, and accompany it the day of the event.
You will need a volunteer (teacher or parent) who
will wear it. The Phyz mascot costume can get
very warm inside, and glasses-wearers may fog
up! Make sure your volunteer is aware of these

TOOL: Find out who your Ward
Councilor is here, who your OCDSB Trustee is
here, and who your OCSB Trustee here.


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