Event Timelines & Plan

Event Timelines and Plan

As you fill in the event planning workbook (link) an event plan will automatically populate on the last tab (Event Plan), and will help flag when tasks need to be initiated and completed.

The Event Plan includes

• Pre-event timelines which focus around planning and promoting your event, as well as collecting your baseline data for who usually walks, takes the bus/van or gets driven to school.
• Day of event activities which include welcoming your school community as they walk to school, sharing the excitement on social media, fun outdoor activities to create a festive  environment, and classroom activities to amplify learning.
• Post-event timeline focuses on clean-up and gathering follow-up data to see how many students participated in the event.

BudgetMoose holding a budget sign

From materials to create interesting signage, balloons to draw attention, giveaways to reinforce the message, cones to help with safety, and so on, there may be some costs for your event. Aside from using your school budget, there are other ways to fund your event:
• Parent Council Funds or Fundraiser
• Ottawa Student Transportation Authority’s (OSTA) Pitter Patter Grant (link)
• Community Partner Sponsorship or In-Kind Contribution

Here is a list of potential items you might consider including in your budget. The workbook allows you to add lines as required:
• Poster board for signage (remember the stakes!)
• Thick markers or poster paint
• Cones, safety vests
• Balloons
• Giveaways, certificates of participation, prizes
• Craft paper for a banner
• Coffee/tea for Walk-a-Block meet and greet with parents
• Colour printing of promotional materials

TIP: Run a student event-naming contest as
a way of engaging students and motivating
them to participate.

TOOL: The OSTA Pitter Patter Grant is a micro-grant
of up to $250, available to schools who wish
to implement or support a School Active
Transportation Initiative during the current school
year in which the application is made. Click here
to apply.

Outdoor Activities

As educators, you know that students learn in a variety of ways. Supplementing the actual walk to school with other outdoor activities immediately after the initial
effort reinforces the message that walking to school is the best way to get there. Not all students will be able to walk to school. By adding activities on school grounds, everyone will feel included and be given the opportunity to take part. This also gets everyone thinking about the benefits of walking (to school, to the park, to a friend’s house,

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Signs promoting walking to school

• Have students sign a banner or poster that says I Walked to School Today OR I Love to Walk!
• Set up a table in the yard with the banner/poster with a pre-written message.
• As students arrive to school, they can sign or draw something related to their walk to school.
• Hang it somewhere inside for everyone to see.
• I Love to Walk colouring station
• Set up a table in the yard with paper and crayons/markers.
• Have students draw something they saw or liked when they walked (to school, to the park, anywhere).
• Post them in the school for all to see.
• Meet Phyz or school mascot
• If you have a mascot greeting students, you can take pictures of students with the mascot.
• If possible, provide the picture to the student as a souvenir or post them on a screen or wall.
• Dance-off with music
• Music is a great way to create a festive environment.
• Use your outdoor or portable PA system to play fun music.
• Have a dance off and get everyone moving before the school day starts.
• Walk around a track – Get a sticker for each lap -five to get a prize!
• Designate an area as a track where students can do laps.
• For each lap, they can get a sticker or mark on their hand.
• After five, they can get a prize.

TIP: Your community partners may have
giveaways to share. Ask your School Health
Nurse, Resource Officer, and OSTA for support.
Consider the environment when choosing
giveaways. Low/no waste options are always

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