Planning your Event

You’re on your way!
Below is a breakdown of some important planning considerations.
When you fill in the workbook provided (link) the information will automatically create an event plan that is easy to use and share.

Form a Team of ChampionsStudents standing in front of a school

It takes a small team of individuals to have a successful Walk to School Day event.
With the information and tools provided, anyone can plan a successful event. Perhaps there is a Teacher or Educational Assistant who is keen to work on this project.
Your school’s Parent Council might have a few parents determined to create a safer school site. Even some older students with leadership qualities can assist.

Here’s what’s involved

• Planning the event
• Designing the site layout
• Engaging school community partners, recruiting volunteers
• Communication and promotion
• Organizing classroom and outdoor activities
• Setting up, running the event and taking down equipment and signage
• Measuring success

Your community partners might wish to participate in your committee.
Consider asking your School Health Nurse, School Resource Officer, crossing guard, etc. to get involved.
Each organization has different motivations, skills and resources they can bring to the table.

Set a Date and TimeStudent looking at their watch

Verify your school calendar and select a date. By aligning your date with existing province-wide events, you can leverage the momentum in the media and be
part of a bigger movement. People who hear the same message over and over are more likely to change their opinion or behavior, especially when they
are trying something new.

Examples of other similar events include:

• iWalk Month in October
• Winter Walk Day in February
• Earth Day in April
• Environment Week in June

TIP: Getting involved in planning a school
wide event is an excellent opportunity for
teachers aspiring to become Vice-Principals
to develop their management and
organizational skills.

Set a Rain Date

It’s important to set a rain date, just in case.
Keep an eye on the weather leading up to your event, and decide when your school administration would change the date. Your Communication Plan should include how you will inform your school community that the date has changed.

Name your Event

There are many existing names used for Walk to School events. By coming up with your own name, you can brand it with your school logo and culture. Here are a few examples used here in Ottawa and beyond:
• iWalk Day
• Walk and Roll Day
• Get Your Walk On
• (School Name) Walk/Wheel Day

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