Inclusiveness and Participation

Plan an event so that all students, even those who arrive by bus or van, can participate. Everyone will want to take part and there are easy ways to plan activities so that all students will benefit from some exercise and feel included (see section above on ideas for outdoor activities).
It is also important to consider how students of all abilities can participate. Here are a few suggestions and considerations:

  • Are the outdoor activities accessible to all? For example, when you create a walking track, consider a paved area.
  • Use tables that are at a height that anyone can access.
  • Notify parents of children with special needs in advance. Being able to inform children of changes to the morning routine goes a long way to reduce anxiety or negative reactions to a different morning routine.

Your school board will have other ideas and considerations for ensuring your event is inclusive. Be sure to tap into those resources.


Is there traffic chaos around your school during the morning and afternoon bell times?
An effective way to make school zones safer by reducing traffic is to encourage families to park away from the school and walk the last block or two. This is commonly known as Walk-a-Block or Drive-to-Five.
A Walk-a-Block flyer is a tool for parents that identifies the five-minute walk radius around the school. Some schools establish formal Walk-a-Block locations by identifying a nearby parking lot that is not being used during the morning drop off period (for example: a church, community centre, library or business).

Click here for a few examples in Ottawa (St. Winston Churchill, Half Moon Bay and Alta Vista) (link).

TOOL: Click here for detailed instructions on how
to use Google Maps to create your own
customized Walk-a-Block map.

TOOL: Use this template (here) to make it easier to
develop your own Walk-a-Block map. The
template includes sample text, messaging and
ideas for encouraging parents to consider this

Parent and students walking-a-block

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