Pitter Patter Grant is now available!

Last Updated on: 14th April 2022, 10:26 am

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority wants to help increase physical activity opportunities for students by supporting and expanding School Active Transportation (SAT) initiatives for elementary students.

The OSTA Pitter Patter Grant is a micro-grant of up to $250, available to local schools that wish to implement or support an SAT initiative during the current school year. The grant will help defray some or all of the costs for Walk to School Events and classroom activities.

It’s been well documented that those students who walk to school are healthier and do better academically. They have increased creativity and lower levels of stress during the school day. Why not encourage your school community to take a more active role in their daily commute by holding a Walk to School Event at your school?

Together, let’s encourage more students to walk, roll or scoot to school as a long-term goal.

Upcoming Event Date Ideas

• Spring into Spring (SiS)
• Earth Day in April
• Environmental Week in June

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