Route Cancellations for OCDSB (Public) Schools 2021

Last Updated on: 18th January 2022, 03:27 pm

There have been multiple changes and cancellations to transportation services for OCDSB and OCSB students due to severe driver shortages. OSTA continues to work with its operators and OC Transpo to find creative solutions to provide service to as many students as possible during these unprecedented circumstances. Some grade 7-12 students have been transitioned to public transit, and some yellow bus service has been changed and/or cancelled as of Saturday, August 27, 2021. For cancelled routes, parents will need to find alternative transportation to get their children to school for the next few weeks until services stabilize.

Please review your child’s information on the Parent Portal and then check the posted list below to confirm the route’s status. The list will be updated daily with any new cancellations reported the morning that service occurs. Parents are asked to stay with their children at the bus stop until the bus arrives in case of delays or cancellations.

We thank you for your continued patience during these challenging times. To view the OCSB list, click here.

X means cancelled (This list is updated daily)

School Route # AMPMAnticipated Return
to Service
Agincourt Road Public SchoolE88XXDate Unknown
A.Y. Jackson High SchoolV104XDriver in Training
Briargreen Public SchoolE88XXDate Unknown
Cambridge St. Public SchoolE145XXDate Unknown
Carleton Heights Public SchoolE25XXDate Unknown
Cedarview Middle SchoolV159XXTemporary Presto
Centennial Public SchoolE102XDate Unknown
Centennial Public SchoolE145XXDate Unknown
Charles H. Hulse Public SchoolE12XXDate Unknown
Churchill Alternative SchoolE88XXDate Unknown
Churchill Alternative SchoolE102XXDate Unknown
Elgin Street Public SchoolE145XXDate Unknown
Elmdale Public SchoolE102XXDate Unknown
Elmdale Public SchoolE130XXDate Unknown
Goulbourn Middle SchoolV61XXDriver in Training
Heritage Public SchoolM19XXDate Unknown
Huntley Centennial Public SchoolV09XDate Unknown
John Young Elementary SchoolV61XDriver in Training
Kanata Highlands Public SchoolV17XJanuary 24th
Metcalfe Public SchoolE61XXDate Unknown
Osgoode TownshipE61XXDate Unknown
Pleasant Park Public SchoolP40XDate Unkown
Pleasant Park Public SchoolP41XDate Unknown
South Carleton High SchoolV104XXDriver in Training
South Carleton High SchoolV105XXJanuary 31st
Stittsville Public SchoolV104XXDriver in Training
Stonecrest Elementary SchoolV09XDate Unknown
Summerside Public SchoolM19XDate Unknown
Vimy Ridge Public SchoolE61XDate Unknown
Westwind Public SchoolV61XDate Unknown
Westwind Public SchoolV104XDriver in Training