OC Transpo – Public Transit Information

OC Transpo info for new riders

OSTA has been working closely with OC Transpo to ensure safe public transit service for students. If you are new to public transit, or would like information on how OC Transpo is handling health and safety on its buses and trains, please watch the OC Transpo Training Video here:

OC Transpo operates a number of designated school routes as well as special school trips on other regular routes. You can now find out more information about daily route changes resulting from detours and cancelled trips using OC Transpo’s Live Transit Updates webpage. Click here +

High School and Middle School Bus Service

OC Transpo operates many designated school routes with numbers in the 600’s, as well as, special school trips on other regular routes. You can find out which routes serve your school by viewing the list of schools with their corresponding routes and maps on OC Transpo’s website. You can also find out more information on what tools OC Transpo offers that make it easy for you to plan your trip, view bus stop and route schedules, detours and cancellations and to check bus arrival times. Visit OC Transpo +

Presto Card Information 

The PRESTO School Board Card is paid for and provided by the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA). OSTA determines who is eligible to receive the PRESTO School Board Card according to its eligibility policies and procedures. Read more about the PRESTO School Board Card, like when it is available, information about registration, lost or stolen cards, and identification procedures. Read more +


Why do some students receive OC Transpo bus passes?

Some high school students utilize OC Transpo public transportation services to get to school. They may use dedicated school routes, or regular transit routes. Please contact your child’s school to inquire whether your child is eligible to receive a bus pass. Check OC Transpo’s website for stop and route information.

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