PRESTO Guide for Returning Users

If you are a returning student with a PRESTO account, login here.

For detailed instructions on registering your PRESTO card, please follow the instructions below.

Returning students who have previously registered their cards can log into their existing account and add the new card to it. 

Note: Some schools take care of registering their students’ PRESTO cards. If you have not been informed of this please check with the school.

Also, there is no need to ACTIVATE a School Board Issued Presto card! It has already been activated by OSTA.

  1. Click on I’m a PRESTO User

2. Then click on Create Sign In

3. Next, click Sign In with an Account

4. Sign in using your existing credientials. If you have forgotten your username or password, follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Once you have signed in to your account, click “Add a Card”. If your screen doesn’t look like the one below, please see the other version.

This is the “new PRESTO” experience account screen
This is the “old PRESTO” experience account screen

5. Fill out the Card Number and Verification Number

6. That’s It! Your School Board issued card is now ready to go. If it is ever lost or stolen, you can transfer the funds to a new card