Stay Active! #GetYourWalkOn this week

It’s important that children continue to get exercise and breaks from digital screens during the day. OSTA is encouraging families to challenge themselves every day by walking around the block or to a nearby landmark and discover the benefits of active transportation. Don’t let the cold stop you – bundle up, take the challenge and #GetYourWalkOn!

Learn and practice pedestrian safety skills and discover your neighbourhood!

Learn pedestrian safety tips through resources available on OSTA’s website. Download and play the OSTA I Spy Bingo Game, a fun interactive way to help teach pedestrian safety skills to your child and help prepare them for winter walking. The I Spy Bingo game encourages children to learn about road signs, pedestrian infrastructure like crosswalks, being aware of their surroundings and more. Share your photos of your “I Spy Finds” on social media using the hashtag #GetYourWalkOn

Download the I Spy Bingo Game

How many times did you practice walking? How far did you walk this week?

Track the number of times you walked this week and share your success and photos of your walk on social media using the hashtag #GetYourWalkOn.

Download the tracking form: Tracking Form

Check out all of the Pedestrian Safety resources available for download:

Certificate of participation:

To receive a certificate of participation, download your own fillable certificate here!