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OSTA Governance Board Meeting – November 13, 2017

OSTA will be holding a Governance Board Meeting open to the public on Monday November 13, 2017 at 6pm. The meeting will take place at Confederation EC, 1645 Woodroffe Ave., Nepean, ON in room 100.  The agenda, related materials and location will be posted on OSTA’s website on 3 days prior to the meeting. Any persons interested in presenting a delegation will have two minutes to speak and must pre-register with name and contact information with Beverly Clark ([email protected]) by 5:00pm Friday November 10, 2017.

We want your feedback on accessible transportation for students with special needs!

OSTA is seeking feedback from parents and guardians of students with special needs such as limited mobility, and/or cognitive or emotional challenges identified by the school board, which require accommodations at the school and for safe transportation.  Accessible Transportation refers to selection of the most appropriate mode of transportation, using required safety and restraining equipment, and implementation of other strategies that address each individual student’s unique needs, triggers and mitigation to ensure a successful trip to and from school.

Electronic Link:

Request for Parent/Guardian Feedback – Accessible Transportation for Students with Special Needs