Driver Appreciation Day 2021

Last Updated on: 23rd March 2022, 03:26 pm

Children crossing the street with their leader and child getting off the bus

School bus drivers are the people who transport children to their future

Friday, June 11, 2021, has been designated OSTA’s Driver Appreciation Day, a day in which we recognize and thank our many dedicated yellow bus, wheelchair bus, van drivers, and Walking School Bus (WSB) leaders. For the past 6 years we have set aside a special day to showcase the efforts of all our drivers who transport approximately 60,000 students to and from OCDSB and OCSB schools each day and this year should be no different.

This year has been an especially difficult year and we commend all drivers and WSB leaders who have gone above and beyond their duties, who day after day, overcame the stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure children in our city had access to education. On Driver Appreciation Day – and indeed every day – OSTA offers its sincere thank you to all professional school bus, wheelchair bus, van drivers and Walking School Bus leaders for their service and dedication.

Once again, this year, for the safety of all staff and drivers, we are holding a virtual event to honour the hundreds of dedicated drivers and WSB leaders. We have asked students across both School Boards to share their thanks with us on social media so that their drivers and WSB leaders can get the recognition they deserve!

Thank you to all yellow bus, wheelchair bus, van drivers and WSB leaders for the challenging work of bringing students to school safely and ready to learn, without your efforts, many children would suffer – From all of us at OSTA.

A Message from the President of OSTA

Letter from the president of the board of directors

“Drivers and WSB leaders have been on the front lines, often going above and beyond the call of duty, putting students’ access to education first.”

Thank You’s

Below are some examples of submissions we’ve received – if you would like to see more, simply follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Hero Awards

This year, OSTA is awarding every yellow bus, wheelchair bus, van driver, and Walking School Bus (WSB) leader an OSTA Hero Award for going above and beyond the call of duty, by continuing to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and putting students’ access to education first.

Thank you to every driver and leader, your service and commitment are appreciated.


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