Have you heard? Grassy Plains Drive has a new sidewalk!

Last Updated on: 30th March 2021, 02:15 pm

New infrastructure that has improved safety in your neighbourhood may affect transportation for September 2020.
Walk zones are changing for Bridlewood Elementary School, Roch Carrier Elementary School, and St. Anne Catholic School.

For more information please click on the corresponding school name below:

Bridlewood Elementary School: Memo | Bridlewood 1.6KM Map

Roch Carrier Elementary School: Memo | Roch Carrier 800m Map | Roch Carrier 1.6KM Map

St. Anne Catholic School: Memo | St. Anne CES 800m Map | St. Anne CES 1.6KM Map

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) recently conducted a reassessment of Grassy Plains Drive.
Due to new infrastructure in the area, a temporary hazard that had been in place since 2014 has been removed.

What is a walking hazard and how does OSTA access a hazard?

To identify potential temporary and/or permanent hazards that may be encountered by students in the walk zone, OSTA conducts a site visit and pre-evaluation based on a set of standard criteria. OSTA then prepares and identifies a list of potential hazards on the route to school.

Once a site visit and pre-evaluation are completed the data is evaluated based on a point threshold system. Hazards may be deemed temporary or permanent depending on the situation. OSTA uses a point threshold system assigning points based on a number of factors not limited to: corridor, crossing, size of the street, traffic counts etc.

If an area is deemed a temporary hazard, such as the case with Grassy Plains Drive, an exception zone is created. These are reviewed by OSTA periodically to confirm the continued need for transportation. When a hazard no longer exists, a notice is sent out to schools six months in advance and transportation is removed for that area at the beginning of the next school year.


My child has never walked to school – what do I do now?

OSTA and its partners have many great resources on School Active Transportation. We recommend visiting OSTA’s website to get started. We offer pedestrian safety tips, walking route maps and walking school buses for select schools. The benefits of walking to school are endless, from increased health and academic improvements to the reduction of car emissions and congestion in school zones.

Other resources on active transportation: Envirocentre, Ontario Active School Travel