School Bus Safety – Student Responsibility Copy

Did you know that school bus safety is EVERY bus rider’s responsibility?

You can help the bus driver get everyone to and from school safely, simply by following these bus safety rules.

Waiting at the stop and getting on the bus

 Little boy standing at bus stop and waiting for his school bus

• Stand away from the road on the sidewalk, grassy area or nearby driveway until the bus arrives.

• Stay off snow banks to avoid sliding underneath the bus.

• Board the bus in a single file, with-out pushing, and hold the handrail.

• Be respectful of private property located near the bus stop. Do not run or play on the property.

• If the stop is located at a driveway or laneway, stand at the end of the laneway to wait. Do not approach parked cars or run on the laneway. Move out of the way if a home-owner is trying to leave their property.

• Do not sit on the curb. Drivers cannot see you.

• When the bus arrives, stand back from the curb and line up.

• Board the bus in a single file, and hold the handrail.

• If you must cross the road to get on the bus, wait until the bus has stopped; look both ways to make sure all the cars have stopped, too; look at the driver and wait for the signal to cross; stay well in front of the bus so the driver can see you… WALK, don’t run!

• There is no eating or drinking allowed on the bus.

• Use a quiet indoor voice—Loud screaming and yelling are distracting for the driver.




I sit on the seat
With my feet in the gap

My back is on the back
And my backpack’s on my lap



Getting off the bus

• Stay in your seat until the bus has stopped.

• Walk to the front of the bus and hold the handrail to get down the stairs.

Only get off at your own stop. If you are not sure where your stop is, ask the driver.

• Once you get off the bus, walk straight to the shoulder of the road or sidewalk. Remember the Danger Zone.

• If you need to cross the road after you get off, take 10 big steps along the curb to the front of the bus; look both ways to make sure all the cars have stopped; look at the driver and wait for the signal to cross; stay well in front of the bus so the driver can see you… WALK, don’t run!


School Bus Danger Zone

• Always walk in front of the bus if you need to cross the road—The driver can’t see you behind the bus.

• Always wait for the driver to signal you to cross, and look for other cars and bikes before crossing.

Never stop to pick something up near the bus, even if you dropped it—Ask the driver or teacher to help you.

Stay away from the DANGER ZONE until it’s time to get on or off the bus.

Do not walk between parked buses or play around them.


Your Bus Driver

Your bus driver has a very important job. How can you make the driver feel special?

• Say “good morning” and “thank you”. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.

• Be kind and respectful to the driver, and to others on the bus.

• Follow the safety rules.

• When the driver says, “Stop, look and listen!”, you need to be quiet and follow their instructions.

• The bus driver is there for you. Let them know if you feel sick, you are hurt, or you need help with something.


More Safety Rules and Tips

• If you feel hot, ask the driver to open the window, and keep your head and arms inside the bus at all times.

• Don’t throw stuff inside the bus, or out the window—You could hurt someone.

Colouring Book

Download OSTA’s Colouring Book
to practice your Bus Safety Skills!


School Bus Safety Tips

Check out our new brochures and videos for Kindergarten students all the way up to Junior elementary students.

We encourage parents to review these rules with their children before school starts!

Parents/guardians share a role in reinforcing school bus safety. Please take the time to review school bus safety procedures with your child several times throughout the school year. The safe transportation of our children to and from school concerns all of us.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation: Kids: Staying safe on and around the bus +

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Government of Ontario: School Bus Safety: What you should know +

Bus Safety Brochures

Bus Safety Videos

Always stop for the school bus!

Motorists travelling in both directions must stop when approaching a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing. A flashing stop arm will swing out while passengers are boarding or leaving the bus. Once all passengers have boarded, the STOP arm will fold away. Do not start moving until the red lights have stopped flashing and the bus begins to move. Read more +