Inclement Weather – Cancellations of Transportation

Last Updated on: 21st June 2016, 07:00 pm

The safety of students is always the first consideration when OSTA makes the decision to cancel transportation services. We consult the best forecasted weather information available along with several external sources. Years of experience for those involved also help us make the best decision for the students we serve.

Several times each day and night, OSTA staff receives up-to-date information from The Weather Network and Environment Canada regarding weather and road conditions in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Beginning at 4:00 am, we are in close contact with school bus operators, transportation officials across the city, and municipal roads crews to assist in determining if transportation services should be cancelled for the day. The decision whether or not to cancel transportation services is made by 5:30am and the decision is communicated to the public by 6:15am.

Parents make the decision that’s best for their family

We service a large geographical area, which means that weather and road conditions may differ from one area to another. If services are not cancelled, parents ultimately have the right to keep their child at home if they have concerns about the weather or road conditions in their area. Alternatively, on days when buses are cancelled, parents can also decide to bring their children to school themselves as schools remain open. Cancellation of transportation services apply to the whole day. Parents who drive their children to school days when transportation services are cancelled must also make arrangements to pick them up at the end of the school day.