New 2-Step Whistle System for School Crossing Guards

Last Updated on: 27th November 2020, 09:53 am

The Ottawa Safety Council (OSC) is rolling out a new 2-step whistle system at all crossing guard locations across Ottawa.

Guards will be equipped with FOX-40 electronic whistles and will use these to communicate with pedestrians and drivers with the click of a button.


The 2-step whistle system will work as follows:

Step 1 – The crossing guard determines it is safe to enter the crosswalk and will blow one long whistle blast to alert drivers they are stepping out.

Step 2 – Once positioned safely in the intersection, the crossing guard will blow two short whistle blasts to indicate to pedestrians it is safe to proceed.

Drivers may proceed through the crosswalk once all pedestrians and the crossing guard are safely on the curb.

The whistles will be rolled out across the City of Ottawa over the next several weeks, with priority going to intersections with higher volumes of traffic.