New Stop-Arm Cameras on OSTA Buses – Special Privacy Announcement

Last Updated on: 15th October 2019, 03:46 pm

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority and our Operators are pleased to be working with Ottawa Police Services, and the City of Ottawa, to deploy four special buses with stop-arm cameras on our routes.  These cameras are designed to help OPS enforce traffic laws by identifying and fining vehicles that ignore buses with overhead lights flashing and stop-arms extended, and drive by.  This will improve safety for students at bus stops.

Video clips are initiated when a vehicle drives by the bus with stop-arm extended.  These video clips are only accessible by specially-assigned OPS officers.  While images of some bystanders, like students, parents or other members of the public, may be captured on these videos, the purpose of the videos will only be to enforce traffic laws.  A fulsome Privacy Impact Assessment has been conducted by the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority to ensure the appropriate measures have been taken to protect individuals’ privacy.

Full Media Release can be found on the Ottawa Police Service website


Image of Bus