OCSB Transportation Info for Students Shifting Between In Person and Virtual Schools

Last Updated on: 12th November 2020, 11:23 am

On November 16, numerous Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) students will be migrating from virtual school to in-person learning, and from in-person learning to virtual school. Be prepared for the upcoming change by reviewing the student transportation migration information below.


OCSB Student Moving from Virtual to In-Person School

Transportation for OCSB students moving from virtual school to their community school will only begin a few days after the quadmester begins due to the complexity of OSTA’s transportation system. Students or parents/guardians will need to make their own arrangements for the first 3-5 days or so.

Once the quadmester begins, parents must check OSTA’s online Parent Web Portal and then the long- and short-term cancellations lists to determine when their child’s transportation arrangements are in place, and if the bus or van is operating.


Van service

OCSB Students that are being transported by van service will receive a call from the van company once routes are finalized with their transportation information.

OC Transpo service

Presto passes will be sent to the OCSB school within a few days of assignment. The Presto card may be used as soon as it is received, regardless of the time of month. OSTA has been working closely with OC Transpo to ensure safe public transit service for students. If you are new to public transit, or would like information on how OC Transpo is handling health and safety on its buses and trains, please watch the OC Transpo Training Video.

School Bus Safety

For students taking the bus for the first time, please review the bus safety rules with your child(ren) before they take the bus and on a regular basis.

Opt-Out of Transportation

Parents/students who do not intend to use OSTA’s transportation services, and who plan to make their own arrangements to get to school, are encouraged to complete the Opt Out of Transportation Form.  Students may request to be re-assigned to transportation at a later date, if they change their minds.

Transportation during Covid-19

OSTA’s priority has been to create a transportation environment where students can feel safe and limit the transmission of the virus to the extent possible. For more information on transportation during Covid-19 please read our dedicated information page here.


OCSB Students Moving from In-Person to Virtual School

OCSB Students who were assigned to school bus or van service will automatically be removed from their bus route; parents/guardians do not need to notify OSTA or Opt-out of transportation.  Students who were assigned to Presto cards on OC Transpo will have their Presto cards cancelled as of the end of November.  They may use their cards until November 30, 2020.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this unprecedented school year.