OSTA continues to make steady progress in reducing the number of cancelled runs and putting students back on buses

Last Updated on: 15th December 2023, 03:08 pm

OSTA anticipates that the majority of our cancelled routes will be resolved early in the new year.

Working with our operators, we have reduced the current driver shortage to approximately 15, down from 20 on November 30th. This driver shortage currently results in the long-term cancellation of approximately 1% of all transportation services managed by OSTA (60 runs). The reduction in cancellations has been primarily achieved by new hires and consolidating existing runs serviced with buses where a review of ridership found the seats that had been assigned were not being used. 

Please note that OSTA’s next driver shortage update will be provided on January 15, 2024. This change has been made to accommodate the holiday schedules of transportation operators who provide the labour force data required for OSTA to update parents and guardians. 

It has been a very challenging fall, and we would like to thank all parents and guardians for your patience as we have dealt with the driver shortage.