PRESTO Sign-In Process Changes – Verified Email now Required

Last Updated on: 1st November 2022, 12:23 pm

To all student PRESTO users,

Graphic Image of a student holding a PRESTO card.

PRESTO has recently changed its sign-in process for all users, including students using PRESTO cards. As of October 29th, PRESTO users will no longer be able to access their PRESTO account using a username. Students must now use a verified email address to sign into their account on the PRESTOCARD.CA website.

For students who have previously used a username to sign into their PRESTO account, you will now be required to add and verify an email address to access your account. Please follow the steps on the PRESTOCARD.CA website to learn how to convert a username into a verified email address.

For students who have not created an account yet:

Reminder: Students should register their cards to protect the balance if lost, stolen or damaged. Registration allows students to get a replacement card quickly and transfer the balance (school board pass) to a new card.

Some schools take care of registering their students’ PRESTO cards, if you can’t register your card, it’s likely the school has already registered it for you.

Please also note that there is no need to ACTIVATE a School Board Issued Presto card! OSTA has already activated it.

For more information, visit our website.