PRESTO Students – Don’t forget to register your card!

Last Updated on: 10th January 2023, 02:02 pm

Students should register their cards to protect the balance if lost, stolen or damaged. Registration allows students to get a replacement card quickly and transfer the balance (school board pass) to a new card.

Don’t forget to always keep your ID card with your PRESTO. Students must carry a Transit Student identification card, a school photo identification card, or some other identification that proves they are a student. Failure to show adequate identification to a Transit Fare Enforcement Officer could result in a $150 fine.

Note: Some schools take care of registering their students’ PRESTO cards. Please check with the school if you have not been informed by them already.

Please also note that there is no need to ACTIVATE a School Board Issued Presto card! OSTA has already activated it.

To find out how to register your card, click on one of the links below:

Follow our PRESTO Guide for New Users

Follow our PRESTO Guide for Returning Users