Safety Poster and Writing Competition Winners 2021

Last Updated on: 19th July 2021, 12:10 pm

We would like to thank all those who submitted to OSTA’s first Safety Poster and Writing Competition! We received a wonderful number of creative and inspiring submissions from students of all ages. Close to 130 artistic submissions were sent in and prizes were awarded to 16 students. Winning submissions will be posted over the next few days on social twitter. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the unique and thoughtful submissions!

Grade Competition Winner Prize Themes Winners
KG-3 Poster – SAT Draw for $25 What I see when I walk/roll to school Ian Gr. KG
4-6 Poster – SAT $25 Walking/rolling to school with friends Student Gr.4
7-8 Poster – SAT $50 Pedestrian safety at the crosswalk Melody Gr. 7
9-12 Poster – SAT $100 Traffic safety around the school site
Say no to distracted driving
Annika Gr. 10
KG-3 Essay/Poem/Story – SAT Draw for $25 75 words-
I love walking/rolling to school because….
I love riding my bike to school because…
I love riding my scooter to school because…
Feyi Gr. 1
4-6 Essay/Poem/Story – SAT $25 150 words –
When I walk/roll to school, I…
When I bike to school, I…
When I scooter to school, I…
Rahmah Gr. 5
7-8 Essay/Poem/Story – SAT $50 250 words – Why I like walking/rolling or riding my bike to school Dayna Gr. 8
9-12 Essay/Poem/Story – SAT $100 500 words – Convince parents to let their children walk to school. Khadeeja Gr. 10
KG-3 Poster – Bus Draw for $25 Draw one school bus safety rule Student Gr. 2
4-6 Poster – Bus $25 Draw one school bus safety rule Madeleine Gr.5
7-8 Poster – Bus $50 No vaping on the bus
Stop bullying on the bus
Tala Gr. 8
9-12 Poster – Bus $100 Kindness and Cooperation on the bus
Stop bullying on the bus
Liza Gr. 9
KG-3 Essay/Poem/Story – Bus Draw for $25 75 words – If I was a Bus Driver, I would… Clara Gr. 3
4-6 Essay/Poem/Story – Bus $25 150 words – If I was a Bus Driver, I would… Student Gr. 6
7-8 Essay/Poem/Story – Bus $50 250 words – How I can help stop bullying on the bus or What “sustainable transportation” means to me Student Gr. 7
9-12 Essay/Poem/Story – Bus $100 500 words – Why “sustainable transportation” is important for our environment Shanaz Gr. 9

Below are samples of the winners!