PRESTO Guide for New Users

If you are a student new to PRESTO or have never registered your card, you will need to create a new account. It’s easy to do at prestocard.ca.

For detailed instructions, please follow the instructions below.

Students should register their card to protect the balance if lost, stolen or damaged. Registration allows students to get a replacement card quickly and transfer any remaining balance (school board pass).

Note: Some schools take care of registering their students’ PRESTO cards. Please check with the school if you have not been informed of this.

Please note, there is no need to ACTIVATE a School Board Issued Presto card! It has already been activated by OSTA.

  1. Click on I’m New to PRESTO

2. Then click on Create a new PRESTO Account

3. Fill out your new account information

4. Once you have created an account, click “Add a Card”

5. Fill out the Card Number and Verification Number

6. That’s It! Your School Board issued card is now ready to go. You can transfer the funds to a new card if your card is ever lost or stolen.