School Bus Safety

Last Updated on: 31st March 2021, 01:43 pm

School Bus Safety

Although School Bus and Pedestrian Safety Day has been cancelled this year, parents and students can still prepare for their bus ride to school by visiting OSTA’s website for online safety videos and materials!

Did you know that school bus safety is EVERY bus rider’s responsibility?

To ensure your child understands how to take the bus safely, OSTA recommends that parents/guardians:

  • Review the School Bus Safety Brochure with their child online, before school starts and regularly.
  • Review the Back to School Safety on the Bus Poster with their child online
  • Help their child understand their role in keeping themselves and the other riders safe.
  • Practice proper bus-riding behaviour at home with their child.
  • You can help the bus driver get everyone to and from school safely, by merely following these bus safety rules!

 Check out our new video on bus health and safety:

There are also several other bus safety videos we recommend:

Ministry of Ed School Bus Safety

Buzzy the Bee School Bus Safety Video

Primary School Bus Safety with Buster the Bus Video (gr 1-3)

Junior School Bus Safety Video (gr 4-8)