Student Active Transportation Policy Approved!

Last Updated on: 21st June 2016, 06:58 pm

The OSTA Board of Directors has approved a School Active Transportation Policy, which is the first of its kind in Ontario. In an unprecedented initiative, the Consortium is adopting an active transportation program that contributes to student success and well-being by encouraging physical activity every day.

Active Transportation refers to any form of human-powered transportation – walking, cycling, using a wheelchair, in-line skating or skateboarding, for example.  The policy ensures that OSTA’s program will address accessibility, cycling, and manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic around busy schools.

With our school board partner, City partners and community partners, OSTA programs include:

  • School Active Transportation Charter, signed by OCDSB, OCSB and OSTA Leaders
  • Review of walking hazards at over 180 schools
  • Preferred walk route to school maps for all elementary schools
  • School Travel Planning facilitation with Green Communities Canada
  • Walking School Bus routes at 8 schools
  • School site traffic safety reviews
  • Participation in the Ottawa School Active Transportation Network
  • Reducing and/or managing vehicle and pedestrian traffic around school sites


T23: Student Active Transportation Policy